Tuesday, April 10, 2007


So you may not know that I love red wine and I am very big on picking out wine by the label. The cooler the label the better. (not always the better wine though).
So, here is a bottle I found while on spring break!!
You know, living in Northern Idaho you have to find good wine where you can!!


Carrie said...

I can not begin to tell you how much I want a bottle of that wine. I'm going to have to start looking in the wine stores around here. Who makes the wine? I'm going on a girls cruise in May and they allow you to bring one bottle of wine per person. What a wine to bring......

Carrie said...

Snicker, snicker. I do love it! The bad part of living in Georgia, is I can't order wine and have it delivered. Send me the info anyway, I have a friend who is a wine rep and If I know what winery makes that lable, I can have her order it for me, or find out if anyone in Georgia carries that lable.

Karen Beth said...

I also love red wine and, at one point in time, did pick it out by the label too. Then I took a wine challenge and found some really good wines that became staples for me. It was fun! I hope you enjoy! :)

Galen Struwe said...

I love how the label can play such an important role in one's decision on whether to purchase a bottle of wine.
When we introduced Sacre Bleu we knew the label played a prominent role in the decision making process. We wanted a lable that would appeal to the young wine buyer and we wanted to do it without gimmicks and trendy, furry critters. Please feel free to browse them and comment at www.myspace.com/sacrebleuwine
I would love to hear your thoughts.