Friday, April 13, 2007


Isn’t funny when someone hurts your feelings or insults you and then when you question them they say, “You are too sensitive”.
Well, is it that you are too sensitive or they are too insensitive?? I have been accused of being too sensitive on many occasions. But last night I started thinking about the way people talk to each other. It’s like if they don’t understand what you are saying or they don’t agree with it, they instantly start talking to you as if you are the dumbest person on earth.
Then when you say, “Hey, why are you talking to me that way”? They either say, “You are way too sensitive” or “I was just kidding”.
When my daughter gets to talking to me like that I instantly say, “Can you hear yourself”? “You need to start that sentence over”.
I tried doing that last night to some adults, but of course, it was me that was wrong!!

Anyway, I just think that when someone says “ You are too sensitive, it is just there way of placing the blame on you, so they don’t have to take any responsibility.

I have really been watching my words and my thoughts and I have always been very aware of other people’s feelings, so I guess you could call me sensitive, but it is better than not….


Stacie said...

You are so right on this. I don't put up with it anymore. When someone does that I call them on it immediately before they are able to spin it and turn it on me. Sometimes they still do, but I just walk away and disengage at that point. They won't usually do it again!

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Denise! I love your photos and words. I am linking to you today! I found this site, go check out the photos there.

I think you will like them.

Ideagirl said...

"What? What are you getting so upset about? Geez -- you're SO sensitive! I can't say ANYTHING around you."

Yep. I think I've heard that one or two or ummm...fifteen thousand times before.

And I TOTALLY agree -- it's a total ruse to be able to say something completely inappropriate and then hide behind it.


Nice blog by the way. Thanks for releasing it to me. Always dangerous! (laughing)