Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good Thoughts

Renaissance Unity

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 – Minding Our Minds

"Each of us sends out positive or negative vibrations, often without being
conscious that we are doing so. What if we made an effort to be consciously
positive, to resonate messages of the highest good for others and ourselves?
What if we made a deliberate attempt to keep our thoughts aligned with God's
spiritual optimism, to refuse to be stuck in self-centered fear? Our
thoughts speak louder than our words. In order to change what we create, we
must change our thinking. We must mind our mind."
~Albert Clayton Gaulden

Today's Affirmation

I am mindful of my mind and choose my thoughts carefully and deliberately.
Today's Meditation

Dear God,

We have learned that what we dwell upon, what we give energy to, comes into
It is our intention to think loving, positive, uplifting thoughts;
to dwell on peace, joy, serenity and love.
We choose to bless the world by aligning our minds with Your mind.
Guided by Your spirit, we pay attention to where our minds are wandering.
We gently refocus what we spend time thinking about.
Help us to learn how to use the minds you have given us effectively.
As we open our minds to You in meditation and prayer,
divine ideas flow into us easily.
Inspired by Love, we intentionally co-create with You.
May Your thoughts be our thoughts that we might experience
life as You intend it to be.

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