Monday, April 09, 2007


So, this Saturday is my birthday. I have been complaining a little about getting older and how I wish I wasn’t getting wrinkles and all the other stuff that goes with getting older.
But then this weekend we went up to the ski resort to spend the night and ran into a friend whose cancer has come back pretty aggressively. In fact he has already had a couple of surgeries and will have another one in a couple of weeks to remove his larynx. This last surgery will be pretty invasive. He is still working full time at his business and trying to stay positive. He is really an amazing person, always so kind to everyone.
After he left I felt like such a freakin’ loser, whining about having a birthday and getiing older, I guess I should be saying how grateful I am to have another birthday. And sending all the good thoughts I have to him.

I need to remember to start writing down all that I am grateful for here again. I try to say to myself every day, but writing it down would be good.

1. My Birthday
2. Rain
3. Love
4. Friends
5. Hope


Karen Beth said...

I love keeping a gratitude journal. It keeps everything in perspective and is so centering. Good for you for staring one. :)

Denise said...

Thank you. I am good for awhile and then regress. I guess that is human. But It is important to keep things in perspective and it also keeps you from being self absorbed. Which we all tend to do at times.

Stacie said...

The feeling you have are normal. But isn't perspective one of the best friends we can cultivate? Happy Birthday. As my Nana always said,"It beats the alternative!"

Carrie said...

Happy birthday Denise!