Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tagged by Zazazu

I just noticed that I had been tagged to tell you 10 random things about myself....

1. I live in North Idaho but I really really do not like winter, and we have winter for a long time....

2. I love lip stuff. I have lots and lots and lotsof lipstick, lip gloss and chap stick that I really never use. I just keep buying it.

3. I love to read

4. I DO NOT feel almost 45

5. I love the water

6. I want to be a kinder, calmer person...I am usually a worry wart and stress out a lot.

7. I really really want this bike
It is the "Rosie cruiser". I don't think this takes you right to the one I want. You have got to see it....

8. I love love to work in my garden, in the sun, listening to music

9. I am a messy person ( that is hard to admit to strangers) but I am really nice and my mom always told me that was more important.

10. I love to sleep.

So, there you go


stacie said...

I am extraordinarily messy myself. I even eat messy. It is the family joke. So I understand...I really do.

Karen Beth said...

We DEFINITELY have Nos. 6 and 10 in common.

Thanks for participating! :)