Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thank you Christine Stump for making me go back and look at this blog. I think it has been forever that i actually even looked at it. But, today i found out something so interesting, so i had to write about it .... GOD has a face book, yes, you heard me right...Facebook, GOD. I also see that he uses an iphone to contact people. Very interesting. Here is his "official" page!/GodOfficialPage Seriously??

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time to start blogging again? work, facebook, pinterest, and crafty things have kept me busy.
I finally added new items to my blog, i still have to upload pictures of new jewelry. I will be participating in a craft fair this weekend. Hopefully, i sell out.
I was laid off work after fourteen years, which i think was a blessing in disguise, i was so miserable. I have had the last two months to work on art projects, projects that have been in my head forever and i finally got to work on them.
I did just get a new job, i hope i can find time for myself with this new job,i mean, i will find time!
WE had a beautiful thanksgiving. Family and Friends being thankful for each other.
Well, i am now off to spend time with my favorite girl!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

long long time

Whoa, it has almost been a year. wow. things have been moving fast around here.
The whole face book thing is kind of crazy?? everyone moving over to that as a form of communication, the further we move along the less we actually have to speak to each other.

Spring is finally here, it tried to fool us a few times, but it looks like things are really growing now.

E is graduating in June, i am super sad for her to be moving on. Of course I am proud and happy that she has done so well and is such a great person. I will just miss her -my best friend-.

Looking for a good book??

Call it what you want.
by Keith Lee Morris.

read it now!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
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Friday, June 05, 2009

rambling on Oprah

Not that I have anything against Oprah, but sometime she can be so ….i don’t know, unaware? is that the word I want? Anyway, Last night was a rerun of a show with the author of Beautiful boy and his son. During the interview the son said more than once that he had been ashamed of his behavior and his addiction. He was ashamed of many of the things he did during the time he was so deep into the drugs and alcohol. He knew that he was hurting his family but the shame and the addiction were so strong that he couldn’t stop.
So, then O asks him, If you knew you were hurting the people that loved you, why did you keep doing it? I am thinking really? O, did you not notice that one, he is young man still hurting. Two, he is an addict. Three, he was very deep in shame and Four, he is an ADDICT. I do not know the reason behind all the shame and his need to numb himself but, i do know that there is no easy way out.
Something that you would think she would understand. Hey, O, if you know that the food you consume causes you to gain weight and make you feel bad, why don’t you just control the intake.
Seriously, if it was that simple-"Hey, this is making me and everyone around me feel like shit-I guess I will just stop drinking, snorting coke, overeating, gambling, and obsessing"-we wouldn't need all the rehab centers and twelve step programs.
It was really amazing that she asked such questions.
Anyway, enough rambling about something I have no control over.

I understand that Oprah may have just made a mistake, but i felt really sad for the young man. He already was feeling so guilty and ashamed, i didn't see the need to make him feel worse. I am sure that was not the intention.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

inspire me thusday-warrior

So, i looked at all the photos i have for this. But, then i thought why not just write something. (cuz, i am a visual person that's why)
I guess i could do one w.out a photo.


Since i have been reading the book mentioned in the last post there have been a million thoughts going through my head. Some good, some not so good. I guess you have to feel it all to make headway-just a little bit hard to look at yourself this way.
I would say that in order to live authentically you have to become a warrior of sorts. There are going to be people blocking you and not accepting your changes. They may like that they can bully you, shame you, or reside with you in the misery. You will have to fight against yourself, which i know is not an easy battle.
If the plan is to move forward, fight the urge to stay the same and understand what you need and how to get it. It will take courage, and you will have to become a champion for your cause, these are the traits of a warrior.
Easy to talk about and hard to do. But, if we can releast that inner warrior the battle should be a little less scary.

ok- so i couldn't not add a picture.