Friday, March 16, 2007

What you need.

Isn’t it interesting how one thing leads to another? For instance, I have been having some issues with health. So, I go to the acupuncturist and we work on certain things, then as we are working we find that the one issue is a symptom of another problem that we hadn’t even thought of yet.

I then went to get a massage and the massage therapist starts talking about adrenal exhaustion, which is just what we had been discussing at the acupuncturist.

Then I go home and turn on the TV to PBS and I see a lecture with Dr. Christine Northrup discussing exactly what I needed to hear, she was confirming what the acupuncturist had said. Then I went to the used bookstore to kill some time and there was Dr. Northrup’s book on sale for $10.00.

So, someone is trying to tell me something and I need to make sure that I am listening.

I love that!!

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Karen Beth said...

That is what I know as synochricity. I love it! It always feel so good when it happens. :)