Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday, a new week. New thought . New day.

Is it a woman thing? The way we need to have some connection with each other. Trying to find that community, that feeling have belonging to a group of like minded people? All the books and psychologists say that it is vital for women to have a close group of friends, a group that they can get together with and talk, play etc.
I have different friends. Friends for my book club, friends who are into making art, old friends, and new friends. But I am not very good at making plans and actually setting a time to spend with them. I think when you work all day you just want to go home and stay there. But then you miss out on what you know you need.

As I search through the internet and read the different blogs I see how many women like the same types of things, are saying the same thing, doing the same thing. It is stunning really to be able to hear from women all over the world and see that we are basically all the same.

So, here we have one more venue for creating a community.

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Karen Beth said...

More and more each day, I'm heartened and delighted by the like-minded friends I find in Blogland and on the Internet. They are such a great source of inspiration to me. I can't meet them out for coffee but they are there for me all the same. It is a blessing in its own rite.