Tuesday, March 27, 2007

had a bad day

You know how you really want to be considered a kind and caring person? You try to be happy and push the negative thoughts from your mind, try not to become irritated with the people around you, send loving thoughts to those who are pushing you over the edge and you keep repeating to yourself “you get what you give”, “you get what you give”.

Then you realize one day that this is really really hard….and you just want to kick someone’s ass, or tell the guy in the next cubicle to quit eaves dropping. You want to cry when someone yells at you and hurts your feelings; you don’t feel like sending them kind thoughts. You want to get in your car and drive as far away as you can, maybe to the beach, or to the nearest wine bar, or actually both.

Yesterday and today that is how I have felt. I want to go home and get in bed and read a book and not talk to anyone. But, of course I know that this would just feed how I am feeling, so instead I will get out my baseball bat, crack a few heads and be on my merry way!!

Actually, I will go for a walk with my friend Jen, who has just gone through a real loss and I will walk and talk and hopefully in my attempt to help her out I will pull myself up as well.

I know that this is normal; I just have been really trying to think only the good thoughts. But Man is that hard sometimes!!!!!

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Karen Beth said...

I feel like this a lot more than I'd like to but I think the important thing is to do your best as much as possible. The rest just happens. Enjoy your walk. :)