Friday, March 30, 2007


Yesterday I was reading from some of the blogs that I visit and I noticed that many of them are saying the same thing. I know I have said this before, but I find in so intriguing that so many women feel the same way about so many things. Of course I have book marked or added to my favorites the blogs that appeal to me or that I find some common ground. But it is like finding a new friend that likes all the same things that you do, or feels the same way you do about certain things.

I do wonder sometimes what it is that gets us to tell perfect strangers the details of our lives, are we so in need of kinship, or are we doing a little self promoting, do we need some type of recognition or are we just experimenting with a new way of reaching out??
I know I started out wanting to learn about new art forms. I wanted to discover how others were using silver clay, where to get more jewelry supplies. Then I came across a blog, then it had links that I had to try, and then one of those would have more links and so on and so on. I left a comment on one and then I got an email back, Wow, I thought. I got an answer to a question, learned something and made a new friend.

Anyway, I have to say that I love reading certain blogs and finding out what is going on there, checking out suggested websites and I love looking at all the different art forms. And I do love when someone leaves a comment, it really is fun!!

So, even though my blog is still in it’s infancy and goes in a million different directions I am having a great time with it all.


Tammigirl said...

I notice the same thing, we are all thinking the same things. I truly feel we are on the verge of big, BIG spiritual changes. I'm so excited, so ready, so grateful.

Thanks for stopping at my blog.

Karen Beth said...

Blogland is amazing! I meet the most wonderful and likeminded people in blogs around the world. What an amazing resource! I'm blessed to have met YOU too! :)