Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kind Thoughts

Ok, so I didn’t hurt anyone yesterday. I talked myself down, went for a walk, had a glass or two of red wine had a long talk with a friend.
It all worked out, as usual….
Trying to practice kindness everyday seems like it would be so easy…but like I said yesterday sometimes there are people out there who make it hard. Yes, I know, those are the people that need my kindness the most. But I am not perfect by any means, in fact I can be pretty crabby sometimes. I have been really trying to keep only good thoughts and let the negative thoughts go. I acknowledge them, think about the reason and then say good bye… I said I was trying and I will continue to try and I will continue to slip and then remind myself. This is an ongoing process and hopefully I continue to get better. I need healing thoughts now more than ever and I just don’t want to slip back into negativity

On another note, I am on my way to have some chocolate cream crust. So basically chocolate pudding!! That should really make me happy….


Carrie said...

Hi Denise,

To change the color of the words, you highlite then push the button with the T(and color palet). Now, all of mine on the last post are links. To do links, you highlite the word(s) and hit the chain symbole. You should get a pop-up window with "Https:" in it. you just paste the link in and hit enter. It should(!) post. If it doesn't, don't be sure its your fault. Blogger is buggy. My last 2 posts, the paragraph spacing disapeared. It's been driving me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate cream pie should DEFINITELY make you feel better! :) Enjoy!!

Claudia said...

There is almost nothing that a good pie can´t fix!
P.S.Have fun making your inspiration cards and thanks for dropping by!