Thursday, May 31, 2007

– Priorities

"Come and fill my days with dreams.Empty me of all the empty things that I hold onto.Come and fill my heart with You."~Grant Cunningham & Matt Huesmann
Lyrics from "Come And Fill My Heart" as sung by Jason Warner from his CD "In The Waiting."

Today's Affirmation
Love is my priority, my purpose and my path

Today's Meditation

Dear God,Help us to open our eyes and remain awake to Your truth.There is so much fluff and stuff floating around us, filling our thoughts and taking our time.Help us not be distracted by empty things.Release us from our tendency to major in the minors.May Your will for our lives be our priority and our passion.May Your purpose be evident in all of our actions.May our dreams and our days be filled with Love.So it is!


Karen Beth said...

What a beautiful post today. Thank you! It is nice to be reminded of our priorities. :)

julie said...

Lovely Denise and great picture :)
Have a super weekend xx