Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Feeling Sad

Victor Hugo
This is how I feel today. Having a bit of a bad day nothing that I can not get over. Just need to feel it for awhile.


Karen Beth said...

Tomorrow is a bright new day.

{{{BIG HUGS!}}}

Denise said...

That is soo true. Thanks

Ideagirl said...

Hey sad girl.

There are some days when I just lay on the couch, eat charleston chews (vanilla) and wallow in my sadness.

It's very good to do this once in a while. just medicate yourself with something you LIKE...like chocolate! :)

(big hug to you girlie)

Catherine said...

I think I'm late for this party. I always like a grilled cheese sandwich when I am sad. But it is only a temporary fix. Eventually, sometimes days though, I feel it less, and that means I am not thinking about it every minute of the day. Being that sad, I don't feel like doing anything, and nothing seems like it could be fun. I just have to wait it out, kind of like a really bad cold.

stacie said...

Oh, I hope it isn't my fault..I missed the deadline on the books...I had some put aside at my mother's and the time just got away from me...I am so sorry!