Monday, May 21, 2007


This weekend I got myself a side job landscaping the front of an office building.
I just decided to call some of the realtors here and ask if they new of any one who needed landscaping, yard maintenance etc.

So with in the first hour I go probably six prospects. I rode my bike down town to meet one person and he gave me the job. I will totally redo the front of his office building. I plan on designing a ‘woodland’ type garden. It is fairly shady and under a big maple tree.

Now, I am a bit nervous since I have never done this on a professional level. But, I am sure I can handle it and make it look lovely. I start on Saturday. So, please wish me luck on my first step.

I will take before and after pictures for next time.

This weekend we showed movies outside on the side of the house. We had the neighbors and some of Emmy’s friends come over. We sat out on the patio with blankets and pillows and watched Talladega nights. We had to vote on a movie that everyone would want to watch.
It was really fun; it was like the old drive in movies.

Dave and I watched Pan’s Labyrinth, which I thought was good, kind of scary but I really liked it.

Then on Sunday we went to watch Emmy and her Violin group have a fiddle contest, that was also fun.

Anyway, That was my weekend…I can not wait to start my new project this coming weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic - welll done for putting yourself out there and good luck!! Enjoy :)

mormar said...

Thanks, it was kind of scary. But, once I did, things just started to happen. Maybe that is what we were afraid of all along.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, all the hard work. Good luck to you. I look forward to the pictures.

Anonymous said...

What?! Landscaper! Cool!

I'm only commenting in exclamation points from now on!

I know you'll do great!

I love the outside movie theater idea! I want to do that too!


Recy Vintage & Creations said...

Wow! That is really awesome that you went out on a limb and took a risk like that. It paid off! Good for you... you will do an amazing job!

What a fun thing to sit and watch movies in the yard like that. Talledega Nights is hilarious. I love that movie.

Sounds like you had positively delightful weekend! :)

mormar said...

you are all so positive...No wonder I like you all.

Anonymous said...

absolutely wonderful that you are taking this cool step into the unknown...I have found that if your heart tells you to go for it, you will never regret it...congrats!