Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I think I need to take better pictures of this. These did not turn out so well. You can not get the whole idea.
Anyway, this is what we did on Saturday, then we had torrential rain showers and wind storms. It was crazy...

Mostly worked in our yard yesterday, memorial day, and planted more of my garden. Weeded a bunch and clipped back all the crazy out of control hops plants. They grow approx 5 inches a day and take over everything. I need to move them.

I should have worked on my pages for the Portland Art and Soul Fat book but I didn't. Not even one page. I walked by and looked at them a few times but I was so tired and sore from working on the one job, I could barely think straight. Plus, I think I was really stressed out about how the guy would feel after he saw it. I still don't know, I have to go over there after work today and talk to him. I am kind of scared.

More later


Ideagirl said...

What's a Fat Book? and where is the picture? Am I confused? ::laughing::

Stacie said...

I think the landscaping job looks spectacular! No wonder you are wiped out! I am sorry to hear about your friend. I am sending out positive thoughts her way, and also your way. I have a very good friend that went through the same thing. She is doing fine now...take care.