Friday, March 07, 2008

what I'm afraid of Friday


More Snow...

Lady Bugs
Running out of time
No one answering me

What about you?
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Just so you know, I am afraid of really important things too. Global Warming, who will be our next president, The fate of Public Schools, Genocide, The Spread of Aids, Breast Cancer and the fact that issues dealing with females are still not as important as erectile dysfunction.


Carrie said...

Sorry! You are not boring, I've been buzy at work, for once! Unfortunatly, I live in atlanta and no nothing about Portland!

Barb McMahon said...

Definitely afraid of more snow. Huge blizzard predicted for tomorrow.... who will find me?

Anonymous said...

I'm here! I love this photo, too. Hard to imagine as I sit under the air-con.

mormar said...

Funny what a little begging can do!

Lynne said...

snowing here now - i am at my wits end!

Lynne said...

mormar i just added you to my links so i can check in on you more often :)