Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More practice photos...

There is not a lot to say that would be of real interest lately. Well nothing that i would feel comfortable sharing over the internet. I often wonder how it seems to come easy for some people to share so much with strangers. I know i find it fascinating to read other blogs. In fact I love it. There are times when I am so tempted to write what is going on with my life. But, I do not want any strangers (or friends) judging me. I wouldn't want any advice unless it was really nice and didn't hurt my feelings. That's just me.
I also see that there are people out there just posting the most mundane of things and people (including me) just keep coming back for more. What is that??

As you can see I have been very naughty with my interviews, I was doing so well keeping up with everything. Then as I was sailing along...BAM...I get hit with the gray, cloudy, snowy and dark weather. Which caused a little downward spiral in what is sometimes called ...depression. I was doing so well too. It totally caught me off guard this time, before i knew it, I was down.
But, I am working on it. Working my way back. Was that too much information?

Anyway, i have been laying around playing with phots and trying to teach myself how to use photoshop. it really has been fun.

ok. I think I will work on my bookcrossing interview later tomorrow. My friend Heather, who lives right here is a co-founder and she had some secret news for me to share. But that was like two weeks ago, so the secret might be out already...ha! I have been bad.
Ok...I swear I am on my way. Just one more chapter in my new book.


Susan Tuttle said...

I think being yourself and sharing what you are comfortable sharing is the way to go - your instincts are right on, I think. I share innermost thoughts on my blog, but in a more general way, if you know what I mean.

There are many people in my life right now that I know personally, all young people, who are very sick, for various reasons - one is even dying. I decided not to write about it on my blog out of respect for them, and because it is just too personal for me to share the specifics. I think our blogs should be our safe havens to post what we want - what we are comfortable with. We can still be authentic if we keep some things to ourselves. I often get myself out of the blues by posting - gets me thinking in a new way, and points me in a good direction.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject.

Have fun with Photoshop - it is addicting!

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog.


Lynne said...

fantastic shots. glad you are working through the blues.

Barb McMahon said...

Not too much information at all. I hope that you will be feeling better soon.

Rachel said...

I had to click thru to see the bicycle shot huge. It's fantastic. A button-cycle? Love, love it, maybe you should offer a print in your Etsy shop? Feeling better is like riding that bike. You'll remember how when you're ready to jump on and go for a spin.