Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Love Joe Purdy especially his song ' i love the rain the most'. I also am amazed by this photographer and listening to this guy.
Or how about this oldie if this doesn't make you want to sing and dance along ...i can't help you !!
We have a sunny day today after another two day snow storm. I am on my way out to do a little snow shoeing hopefully there will only be a a week or so more left of this ritual. I will miss it though, the solitide and the time to think things through. I will not miss the cold and gray much I am sooooooo ready for sunny weather and a sunnier me.
I am thankful that I am not defined by my least i keep repeating this to myself. Hopefully i can start to believe.
Out now looking for absolution...

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a fanciful twist said...

Huge hugs!! I read below. Yes, sometimes it all spills out after being held in... But it must... Be good to you and take care of very special you!! xo