Saturday, August 18, 2007


It is morning and I am sitting outside at the picnic table. It is a beautiful day so far, perfect temp. even a little chilly to be out here in my pajamas, I can hear the birds talking to each other, the sheep next door are also having some kind of conversation. The neighbor's dogs are having a race, a few apples will fall and make a little thud, a car drives by, everyonce in awhile I can hear my other neighbor laughing and you can hear the faint sound of a train whistle. These are the sounds that I have been missing, I have not taken much time to just sit and look and listen and enjoy. Seems like you can always find something you think is more important.

I live in a rural area so my neighbors are spread out a bit, in the field next to me the girls have mowed a crooked path to get to from each other's homes. I look out at this crazy path and I think, how time has flown, the girls used to walk to see each other, then ride their bikes, then they figured out how to drive the riding lawn mower and hook up a wagon and give each other rides back and forth, (they even discovered they had cup holders!! that was a huge deal), now they are learning to drive. They still use the path though. We all do. It is a path that leads to friends.

How lucky am i too live in such a pleasant spot?? I have to keep that in my mind when things start to get overwhelming. Realizing that this is what i have and this is what makes me feel good.


lklight said...

Sounds like an amazing place.
I would give anything to be able to say that it's a little too chilly here!
It's been so incredibly hot & humid, it's not supposed to be humid in the desert, that's why I moved here!

Catherine said...

I wish I was there in my pyjamas.

Di said...

It is an amazing place - a beautiful path - friends enroute - spied from the porch on their journey! Thank you for sharing the photo and story!!

margie said...

oh what a wonderful morning and you didn't have to get out of your pj's either... that is the test of a great morning...breath deeply this peace it is a gift... happy day margie

A Fanciful Twist said...

Oh yes Denise! Yes Indeed!!!! I love that path! How funny, wagons and cupholders and hauling eachother back and forth!! Too fun... Rural living is wonderful... I wish I could say it was chilly here. Here it is too hot to be out in the morning in your birthday suit. You might bake your buns.... Send some cool down, won'tcha?? xxo