Friday, August 17, 2007

Hey, I think someone is telling me something..

"Look at your feet. If you do not like where you are standing, MOVE!~Ron Rathbun

Today's Affirmation

I enthusiastically embrace change.

Today's Meditation

Dear God,When I sense internal restlessness and fidgeting,I pay attention to the source of my irritation.I recognize that my awareness is being directed to some aspect of my beingfor the purpose of transformation.Rather then whine and complain about current circumstances,I lean into change.Thank You for situations that grab my attentionand cause me to take a closer look at life.Thank You for the courage and strength to change my mind and my world.Thank You for the incredible order that governs the way our world works.Illumine any area of my life that is ready for transformation.

I have been struggling and struggling the last couple months with the way I am feeling about a certain situation. I opened my computer today and this is what the first email said!!!, HELLLLOOOO. I am trying!! Really I am.

PS I know I already used this picture, but i kinda like it....


Stacie said...

Oh yeah...I understand this one!!!

Catherine said...

I like ALL your pictures! 47 more days till Art & Soul!