Saturday, August 11, 2007


So we went to out door festival again last night. The first band was Jackie Green, I would highly recomend adding some of his music to your itunes library. Then the 2nd band came out and it was Los Lonely Boys, who were equally as awesome!! the perfomance from them and their father was FUN!! We danced our heads off, but can you believe I forgot my camera every night.
I think there is so much excitement just getting ready and getting in line and trying to find the perfect spot on the grass, that I forgot my favorite camera. We did try to use the cell phone camera but that is not that great.

So, there we were on this wonderful August night, the sky was blue, some puffy clouds going by, friends everywhere, wine flowing, good food, good music, great spot. The ospreys were flying overhead giving us a spectacular show, catching fish and then flying them back to the babies in the nests above us. It was beautiful.

I had to get up to use the restroom, so as I am standing in the line visiting with my daughter and my neighbor, I feel something wet land on my forhead, I thought, "oh no, not rain", I said "what was that?" We look around and I see something white on my shirt, and so did Marty, He said, " Hey, I think the osprey just shit on us" It was true, can you believe that... then my friend Jay said "oh, Ithink that is good luck, you need to make a wish"... So that was our laugh for the night.

But we really did have such a fun night, and we are off to one more concert tonight. Josh Ritter and Madeline Peryoux. I have to make a cous cous salad and maybe a chocolate cake to take.
I will be wearing a hat tonight!!


Stacie said...

Oh, how I wish I was there! To dance, to laugh and to be shit upon by a bird....priceless.
You can't buy that kind of fun!!!!!!

Recy Vintage & Creations said...

I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO jealous of your getting to see Madeline Peryoux in concert. She is one of my all-time FAVORITES! Enjoy a bit of it for me and, by all means, PLEASE let me know how it is!

I've also heard that being "dumped" on by a bird is good luck. Let's hope so!

Karen Beth -

P.S. This is my Etsy store blog. I'm posting under it for awhile to get some exposure to it. It is brand new!