Friday, August 17, 2007

Now guess what my horoscope just said!

August 17, 2007
Flowing TranquilityAries Daily Horoscope

You may be feeling laid back which could make it easier for you to go with the flow and take things as they come today. Perhaps this sense of serenity might be due to your recognition that there is really little in life that you have to worry about if you allow yourself to put your trust in the hands of the universe. Being able to simply let go and let life take you where it will may not be easy, but if you can give yourself gentle reminders throughout the day should any fearful or doubtful thoughts arise such as “I feel relaxed” or “Life flows easily through me”. As you do this, you could notice that this gives you both greater peace of mind through a more permissive and accepting attitude of whatever may happen to you today. Trying not to control things but instead to simply let them take their course brings more tranquility into our lives. Our ability to release into whatever might occur may not be something that comes to us easily – even when we are the most relaxed, negative and worried thoughts may crop up. Once we know this however, we can easily come back to our state of peacefulness by using simple affirmations or prompts to gently help our minds release any thoughts that we are holding onto which also hold us back. By letting yourself go wherever life takes you, you will find tranquility in the quiet acceptance of the way things are today.

Talk about a day of getting what I need....Thank YOU

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Catherine said...

Yeah Denise, this is a great horoscope. Maybe it should be a little speech we memorize and recite to ourselves whenever WE (me too) feel the most uptight. Hey it beats all the old phone numbers I have stored in my head.