Saturday, January 27, 2007


Sunny beautiful day today. I must make Emmy go outside for awhile. She could go for a short snow shoe with me, or just a walk. It is Saturday and we are both in our jammies and it is 11 am. We are slow movers on the weekends. But we usually pull it together and do something fun... last weekend we went to 'Stichin' Sisters' and Emmy bought some pretty wool yarn and some new knitting needles so she could make a new hat.

The kids all went to see Dream Girls last night, they brought back a great report..I will have to go to see for myself.

Tonight we are all going to the Banf Film Festival, I actually love going. the films are very exciting and usually moving in some way. There are three nights of films, we will just go to one since they sold out pretty fast.

I am waiting for my new book from Amazon to arrive so I can start reading it for our book club. the book is The Painted Drum. Book club is usually fun, good food, good wine and sometimes some lively conversation...Especially when someone does not like the book.

The girls are fighting over the game Mad Gabs game, Cheating is really what they are doing. While they watch videos from the Movie Step Up, another teen dance movie that is watched over and over at our house.

Well, it is time for me to play my part in the dance video, I need to find my hair brush microphone and start shakin' my 'groove thing'

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