Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I sometime wonder how much information should be entered on a blog. I mean mine especially. How much do I want people to know about me?
I could write down my feelings and philosophical ideas. There are two sides to me. But what if I write down how I feel about the world, the things that mean a lot to me, my thoughts on spirituality and then someone I know reads it and says..."My God, what is she doing??? Why isn't she telling them that she loves to watch 'Breaking Bonaduce', 'Gene Simmon's Family Jewels' and American Idol...

OK, I do love those TV shows, I can not explain why Danny Bonaduce, his addictions and his bacon wrapped dog or Gene Simmons, and his wife are so intriguingto me. I have to admit that I like to catch up once in awhile with the boys on Jack Ass, I know, I know, it makes no sense.
But I also love Sherman Alexie, Marriane Williamson, Truman Capote, T.C. Boyle and Keith Lee Morris. Acutally there are many authors that I love. Reading is something that I really enjoy, but there are those days when I need to escape, to see if Danny is going to head but the cameraman, or if he is really becoming a christian...

I always say that I am 1/2 my father and 1/2 my mother, and if you knew either of them you would totally understand what I mean.
So, maybe I will start to divulge a little more about myself. Don't expect too much too soon though.

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