Friday, February 29, 2008

What I'm Afraid of Friday

I am afraid of the long bridge collapsing while I am driving across and then being stuck in the car.
I used to be afraid that this would happen and I wouldn't be able to unbuckle the car seat.
There are hundreds of weird things that I am afraid of ...driving, germy shopping carts, kidnappers, UFO's, grasshoppers, cougars, bears, getting old, losing my child somewhere, mold, some of my neighbors, hiking (there could be a wild animal or a kidnapper), people judging me for being afraid,
closets (dark scary ones)...and the list goes on and on .
More next What am I afraid fo Friday...
What are you afraid of.


Bronwyn said...

I relate strongly to this post, I like the idea of a Fears Friday. There is a very crooked, bent over street light along a route that I often drive, I always get scared that as I drive past it, it will finally fall over on top of my car. Other fears - getting old ditto, car accidents, moths flying into and getting stuck in my hair, going to the loo in the dark (in case a monster jumps out to bite me), certain family members, bats and snakes.....the list goes on :)

Anonymous said...

oooooo! What a delicious theme!

I think I'm afraid of missing something. Specific events I feel like I can plan for and then let go of fear. But what if there's something really important I'm missing? A clue, an experience, a detail.... the paradox, of course, is that it's only by letting go that you can be open enough to catch all the sparkling details. "To see shooting stars, you have set your eyes free."

Anonymous said...
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Catherine said...

I'm afraid of not being able to save my kids from the bad things that might happen to them in their lives.

Also, not being understood... as a person in general.

Not having enough time to do all the things I want to do.

Not being noticed.

Not being able to see well when I get older.