Monday, February 18, 2008

I Am

I was over at Two Lime Leaves and Kirsten had her version of the poem by George Ella Lyons' Where I am From

There was a group of people who had done their versions, so of course I had to try.

I am from peanut butter and honey sandwiches, life cereal and wonder bread.
I am from the house on ruth street, small, warm and safe. I am from Oak Street, Main street and the Long Bridge.

I am from huckleberries, apple trees and baldy mountain ,lady slippers, green grass and dark waves.

I am from swimming, and boating and picnics at the lake.I am from brown eyes, curly hair and holding your breath underwater for four minutes. I am from the Irish with loud laughs and a taste for beer. I am from Grandma and Grandpa, aunt Julie and Emma Claire. I am from Shannon, Colleen, Teresa and you.

I am from the best cooks and the kindest hearts. The scariest father and the funniest dad. I am From doubt and fear and sometimes shame.

I am From quit crying and This hurts me more than it hurts you. From bedtime stories and wild coyotes. From skinny dipping, sledding down Dearborn street and fishing.

I am from a Catholic grandma and a pentacostal Grandpa, and going to confession and going to faith healers. I am From first communion and from the born again. I am from one with no faith and one with strong faith. I am from learning your own way.

I'm from Idaho, Canada and Ireland. I am from Red Current Jelly and Sour Cream Twists. Thanksgiving at The Kaniksu, telling stories and smoking cigerettes.

From the logging camp with two little girls alone with their father while men would drink Vanilla extract cause the liquor was gone.

From the house by the train depot with the oven door open to heat the kitchen so you could read and stay warm. I am from bum jungle, city beach and the lake.

I am from fried egg sandwiches and the late show on Saturday night. I am from Grandpa, and sleddng on old refridgerator doors behind his truck.

I am from going to the beach after dinner, riding bikes and doing the dishes. From popcorn and deedee bars. From Hippies and sandals and fourth of July parties.

I am from Aunt Julie's old trunk, tea pots and dresses, letters and pictures and jars of buttons. I am from tea and toast and love and sorrow, tragedy and triumph


Anonymous said...

You've left me speechless,D.
Very, very moving.

Bronwyn said...

Denise , I can honestly and truly say from the bottom of my heart that this is so completely beautiful, and yes, very, very moving. I hope you post more of your poetry.

Rachel said...

I love this idea. I'm going to follow the links back to see if there are rules on how to make your own "I Am" poem.

Perhaps I should star with I am one who follows rules... :)