Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Three things

1. six weeks ago I set a goal to go snow shoeing at least 5 times per week for six weeks. Today it has been six weeks.!! Yeah, I did it…If you knew me you would know that is cause for celebration.

2. One year ago I set a goal to work through my depression. I have had a good year with counseling, acupuncture, A Happy Light, At least 30 minutes of daylight per day and some sort of exercise. Another goal attained.

3. Sixteen years ago today my daughter Emily was born. That was pretty amazing and still is!!


Susan Tuttle said...

Congratulations on meeting your goals - so very inspiring!

Happy Birthday to your daughter.


Jan said...

Yeah for you. Congrats on meeting your goals. Bet it feels great.

kirsty said...

Happy Birthday,Emily!
And congratulations. Those are great goals and you must feel so good to have achieved them!