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Stacie Florer of Nomadic Creations Interview

Stacie Florer is this weeks Interview.

Stacie is a jewelry designer and a women on a personal journey. I love Stacie's designs and I also love the fact that she is so open about her journey to discover herself.

Stacie you have traveled and lived in many different places. How has that influenced your life and your work?

I remember as a little kid being fascinated with other cultures and other ways of seeing and experiencing the same physical reality that I found myself enjoying. I made a pact with myself to get out and see as much of the world as I could as soon as I was old enough to leave home. It has influenced me lately in the realization that no matter where you go, there you are...and you have to do the inner work if you want the ultimate adventure.

What was your favorite place to live and why...

My favorite place so far has been the Pacific Northwest in terms of physical beauty and wonderful weather. However, a summer in Chicago was wonderful too, just a different vibe. I loved Singapore from the standpoint that the Asian culture is so different from anything Western, and I loved the food opportunities Singapore offered me. Plus, we lived in a deluxe condo on the ocean, with marble floors and a humongous swimming pool. But now that I muse about all the places that I have lived, I think that right now, here in Chattanooga, I am very happy since I have had the luck to meet so many friends, and my family is no farther then 8 hours by car.

What was the most interesting place that you have lived?

The most interesting place would have to be the Pacific Ocean. I lived on two boats for a few years, and even though my berth was about as big as my body, I was always on the water or outside during that time soaking up Alaska and Mexico. I saw whales, porpoises, dolphins, name it, all day every day. So as far as interesting and stimulating, the ocean would have to be my answer.

You worked on a ship in Alaska, how did find that job and what was the most exciting or memorable event during this time.

When I was 22, I had this itch to go to Alaska. I had just returned home to Arkansas from Chicago, and I was very focused on figuring out how to get up there. I had limited resources, but I kept with my intention. One day, about 3 weeks after I started really focusing on finding a way to go, I ran into a friend of mine from high school at the mall. We went to Ruby Tuesday's to get some lunch, and as we were talking this guy came up and started talking to my friend. He had just returned from working on the Seabird up in Alaska, so my fate was sealed. I asked him for the contact info for the Human Resources department, and he gave me Barbara Noonan's name. I corresponded with Barbara for about a month via the telephone and mail, and she told me if I was ever in Seattle in April to come by and apply. So on April 15, 1991, I told my parents that I had a job (I didn't, just the promise of an interview) and I sold what little stuff I had and bought a plane ticket to Seattle. I didn't have any money for a return ticket, so I had to get the job. I walked into Wilderness Cruises office the next day after spending the night with a cousin I had never met, and I interviewed. I got the job, and Barbara sent me to the airport and flew me to Portland where I met the boat.

There were so many memorable episodes during my stint at sea...touching a gray whale, swimming with sea lions, walking with bears, watching the gazillion eagles flying around, seeing waterspouts...but I did spend about 10 days with the Reagan's on the Silverado in the summer of 1992 and that was pretty cool. I was one of a crew of 5 people on a 125 foot boat...with 4 secret service men and a Coast Guard cutter trailing us through Alaska. I ate Grape-nuts with the President every morning and we just shot the shit, basically. I knew that it was a once in a lifetime moment for me... and I took full advantage of the time we had together...I learned a lot about him and Mrs. Reagan, and that time that I spent with them went a long way in showing me what was possible in a marriage. They really, truly loved each other with a warmth and passion that as wonderful to be around. That is the best memory I have of the two of them. A real life love story.

The name of your blog is Nomadic Creations do you still feel nomadic?

I do. When I started the blog, Shayne and I were traveling a lot...but now that we are sort of settled in Chattanooga, my journey has taken a completely different path...I am discovering my different levels of Mind.

You write about many interesting issues on out blog, When did you first start your blog and why.

I had another blog for quite a while before Nomadic Creations was born. I blogged while in Singapore as a means to stay in touch with friends and family while we were was easier then calling on Skype and repeating things over and over again. I then decided to pursue my jewelry and started Nomadic Creations as a way to make myself accountable to my little audience about what I was creating daily.

When did you start to create and design jewelry? Was there a particular incident or moment that made you choose this art form?

I saw some tribal jewelry in a shop on Arab Street in Singapore and fell in love with the tribal style that I saw. I then started to research how to make my own jewelry to reflect that old, tribal look that was a bit more contemporary, and that is how it all began.

I love that you are so open and willing to answer questions that readers have about the different techniques that you use in your jewelry. Have you ever thought of teaching?

I have thought about it, and then I decided to just concentrate on acquiring my own style and ideas instead of recycling everything that I was learning from everyone else. I think it takes time to really come up with your own ideas and I am giving myself lots of room to play. So, for now, I just answer specific questions and concentrate on learning as much as I can.

This year you had your jewelry in galleries and you also participated in a market, was that more pressure than you were used to and how did you manage?

It is a lot of pressure. You have to have the designs down pat, since you don't have a lot of time to play and come up with new things when you are in full market season. I have been in my studio learning and playing a lot right now, trying to come up with some new designs that I can convert to production pieces for the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter of this year. I managed by working 7 days a week for 6 months...but it was great and I learned a lot.

How has having your blog changed you if any?

It has changed me in many enormous ways. I wanted to have a place to meet myself and other people with similar interests, and it has evolved into a forum for me to explore my creative and spiritual pursuits. Writing daily has opened up my world in too many ways to list here...but I have met many friends, explored my interests to the fullest, and discovered how talented so many people really are, and how they manage to juggle so much in their lives! So yes...this way of communicating has changed me and my life for the better. It is way cheaper then therapy!

You are now on a personal Journey and have started a separate blog to write about this. How do you feel about sharing such a personal journey experience?

Actually, I am very comfortable sharing this journey with others. What I am experiencing through some simple exercises that anybody can do has opened up my consciousness in a way that religion has been unable to even touch. So, I am excited to share this process with anybody that is interested...but I can do it on my own time, and I readily understand that it takes a very specific set of circumstances to bring a person to the place where they are ready to go on their own inner journey. I was tired of hearing how already enlightened people are living after their realizations; I wanted to know exactly what the process is on a weekly basis to gaining important realizations about yourself and the reality you think you understand. I understand anybody that reads it is bringing it into their life for their specific reasons, and that if I can be a small part of their discovering how multi-dimensional they are and how sacred they are...then the world knowing aspects of myself that are less then ideal is worth it. I am changing myself anyway, on my own, so the non-productive mind issues that I am struggling to change are on their way it is all good!

Stacie I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time now and have appreciated all the help and encouragement you have provided. I wish great things for you this year as you continue to grow both in your personal life and your jewelry business.

Thank you Denise...I have to say, I love the direction your blog is taking, and that you are on your own journey is really great to watch...have a great year...and thanks for the interview!


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You both are goddesses in my book! ::group hug::

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Thanks again, you!

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Thanks Denise and Stacie for this interview. I have loved both your blogs for some time and look forward to keep on following you both.

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Wow; what great questions and what thoughtful answers. A wonderful forum.

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Thanks for the interview with Stacie. I read her blogs and love them and I even have a pair of her gorgeous earrings.

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Great interview. I have met Stacie and enjoy her blog. I love her jewelry, she is a very talented artist.

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Very cool interview. I've been enjoying Stacie's jewelry for some time now and didn't know all these very interesting facts about her. What a treat. Thank you Denise and Stacie!