Friday, May 16, 2008

"You have it easily in your power to increase the sum total of this world's happiness now. How? By giving a few words of sincere appreciation to someone who is lonely or discouraged. Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime."
~Dale Carnegie

Today's Affirmation

I treat all persons kindly and with respect.

Today's Meditation

Dear God,

I move into this day with a smile on my lips and a song of praise in my heart.
I pause to remember that You are the core of me, the source of who I am.
I am reminded to let that which is within me shine forth.
A sweet smile, a kind word, a friendly glance or a loving hug; these are my gifts.
I may not remember tomorrow the seed of love I plant today, but someone else will come along to water and tend the seed until it flowers.
There is fertile ground all around me; the clerks at the gas station and grocery store, my co-workers and neighbors, passing motorists on the highway, the server where I will eat lunch, and the stranger on the street.
My intention is to be a roving ambassador for Your love.
Talking about Your great love is not enough, may my life truly reflect Your light to all.


Bronwyn said...

Beautiful words - thanks so much for sharing this.

Catherine said...

I did this all this week. Some people smiled back, some barely smiled but I could see their face move a little in the direction. There was a lady I looked straight at her today and she never smiled. That was strange. But it was all very interesting to me. Fun if you can keep and explorer's attitude.

mormar said...

Catherine you are so right!