Thursday, May 01, 2008

Some sunshine and a bike....and how about a Dick's burger??

What else could you ask for?

Things are getting hectic with spring cleaning and bathroom remodel. Time has been slipping away.

The bad news is now my bathroom is the nicest room in the house!

New book club books-The Glass Castle and The Good Earth. I loved The Good Earth when I was in Junior High. That and Go Ask Alice...Remember that book, Everyone was reading it. Then I remember sneaking my mom's copy of Fear of Flying-Probably not the best reading for a teenager.

I did quit my old book club and now will have a new book club with no negativity!!


Rachel said...

I discovered The Good Earth at the local library in the 4th grade. The librarian wouldn't let me take it out. My mother wrote her a note telling her to never censor me from reading anything again. I read the book and many more by Pearl S. Buck who introduced me to a world away from my own that has captivated me since. I wish I had a book club. Enjoy your reading.

Bronwyn said...

Very beautiful photo's... I read Go Ask Alice when I was a lot younger, I don't remember when exactly. I loved it, it was disturbing, but it made a big impact on me.