Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I went with my friend Megan and we had a photo shoot with the girls. Megan needed models for her web site. The girls had a blast with all the fluffy cinderella dresses. I tried to learn some stuff. It was a fun day and we got some cute pictures. As you can see below.

I still have only processed two pics i will work on more this weekend. Time has just been flying by and haven't had a chance to post anything too interesting, sorry...

Work has even been really busy which is great as it makes the day easier to deal with.

My friend and I are trying to work on having a small 'art retreat' type thing here on the lake. just a couple of teachers and small groups. I think it would be really fun and it is such a beautiful spot to hold something like this. Just a lot of work organizing, I am not sure if we need to plan for next year or try for this fall. Actually things look good, I just get scared of "what could happen".

Anyway, one more picture and I know it isn't the best processing but it was this or no picture at all and we couldn't have that!

I also noticed that the images I process and post from the laptop do not look the same on other computers. They look fine on the lap top screen and then a lot darker on the computer screen at work. So I don't know if you see it as too dark or if it looks fine?

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Lynne said...

beautiful. whimsical and wondrous!