Thursday, April 17, 2008


So, I walked to work all week and today it was actually sunny and nice. I have not had the camera on these walks, I don’t want to have to carry it to work. I haven’t really seen anything exciting to take pictures of anyway. Just dirty snow, old rail road ties, a dirty pink snow boot, an old beat up tennis shoe, a weird CD of some sort, a giant ant hill with white plastic bags sticking out of it, a case of Rainer stuck in a dirty, sandy snow burm, three kids with play rifles stuck down their pants (no holsters I guess), a real scary dog that gave me the evil eye… I pretended not to look his way, oh and a guy getting pulled over for speeding!! Ya HOO, I loved that, he was very rude when he drove past me and then when I got to work there was a giant hole in the parking lot filled with water, mud and three grown men…HMMMMM???

Oh and I sold three books on amazon which was very exciting. I am going to lunch today with my friend, she is buying –birthday present..

Oh ya, I quit my book club. They were kind of mean to each other sometimes and it started feeling really negative and not that fun. I will have to start a new one where we only read books that I like and everyone has to get along. HA!!

There you have it. How was that for some randomness?


Anonymous said...

That's perfectly random and I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I loved the descriptions and wish I could have seen those dudes....ha!