Friday, April 25, 2008

Freaky Friday

One of the saddest parts of depression for me is when the days get longer and I feel so much better. My mind and body feel more alive, I notice all kinds of things, my brain is going 100 miles an hour, I want to do stuff, things make more sense, I understand and try to work on the issues at hand and feel great about it… But, then I think to myself…is this just part of the cycle? The time of year where the days are longer and my depression goes to sleep for the summer??
Then I get a little sad, because I am starting to feel so good, but I don’t know if it is going to last or if it is just a trick…(I hate that feeling)
But, then I think maybe I am realizing this because I am getting better, you know…at least you have acknowledged the possibilities. See how well your therapy and acupuncture and sunshine and exercise are working…blah blah blah
I know, I know, just enjoy the moment, and be happy with this good feeling, go with it….
Believe me I want to …and that is the plan.
This was just a public service announcement to myself.


Anonymous said...

Pay attention to that announcement! It's a good one :)

catherine said...

don't ever question the good... It is a gift from yourself when your mind has temporarily forgotten to judge and compare. The moment you decide to ask yourself if it will last is the moment you choose to end those good feelings and begin another ride down. just choose the good again, and again and again. it's the only way. always go towards good...

Stacie said...

I understand...each day, each moment is all you have...enjoy that...great pics!!!!!!