Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Monday is my birthday. I am usually celebrating
two weeks before and two weeks after. This year I haven't thought about it much. Is that what happens when you get middle aged?

We still have so much snow here and it keeps snowing, I am seriously contemplating leaving everything here and running away to arizona, mexico, hawaii........No one will notice. Until they need dinner, socks, a ride somewhere or help finding the lost kazoo.


Lynne said...

happy early birthday

Anonymous said...

That has happened to me every other year since I hit my thirties. (I'm trying to recall what I did last year for my birthday?!)I use to celebrate early and stretch it out (maybe it's a Leo thing) but now I focus more on my son and husband's birthdays (the latter happens to be our anniversary as well).

It's suppose to hit the upper seventies tomorrow which is kind of laughable since there is still snow in our alley way..go figure! Have a great birthday and weekend!!!

AnnaC said...

Happy Birthday MONTH!

I always celebrate birthday month!!

This year I planned a great day for the actual day and got my friends and family to participate in the month long celebration... in fact it actually dragged into the following two months with two more impromptu celebrations in March and April.

I hope that you will treat yourself to all the things that you want ... all the rest will be gravy!