Sunday, September 09, 2007

more '70's

Ok, I had to go and find a picture of me at the arts and crafts festival that we have here every year. Here I am in 1978 I think,probably 17 years old. Selling these beautifully designed hand made hats with feathers.

They were actually a really good seller. They went well with your long flowing granola dresses.

This town was a total granola town, until recently when we were "discovered" by all the magazines,a nd the developers. Now it is quite an division between the locals and the elitists who have come and started to build there 2nd and 3rd homes here.

Anyway, i just had to post this lovely picture of myself.
And I still go to all the arts and crafts festivals, not not selling hats anymore, but, you know what??? I bet someone would buy them!

I think I will have to do a post on my '80's. It is a lot more scary, the big hair, the life of a young girl following her "rock n roll" boyfriend around the pacific northwest. Little naive me, from small town to freakville.


lklight said...

Ahh, I used to wear nothing but granola dresses...LOVE that phrase, I've never heard it before!
I had a boss who once called me an earth muffin. And that was only 5 years ago!

Catherine said...

What a great photo! Yes, yes do the 80's, the 90's and after too. I'm going to go find some old pictures and post them.

I didn't have one of those dresses. My mom had to be very thrifty. My sister and I shared clothes and we mostly had jeans.

Fun idea!

Denise said...

Ha, granola dresses mostly came from the thrift store or we made them. They were the flowy hippie dresses.

jessica said...

oh how pretty and sweet you look. great hats you were selling

julie said...

Oh yes, what a lovely picture amongst the hats!!! It must of been a great time!!

Carrie said...

I don't know if I would wear those hats, buy I sure would hang them for a display!

mary Ann said...

really enjoying the 70's posts! those look like stevie nicks hats or ann & nancy wilson. lots of dope, concerts, and rock and roll. too bad i can't remember most of it. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
you were a cute one!