Sunday, July 08, 2007


Sunday, AHHH, a restful day in the garden.
I think the plan is to go kayaking oit to the petroglyphs. It is supposed to be another hot day, so being on the lake will feel good. We haven't used the kayaks yet this summer, so this should be fun.
The meeting with the neighborhood went well. 20 people showed up and they were all against this type of development going in to this area.
I just think that it does not fit into the landscape here. There is a nice creek and lots of old growth trees that would have to be damaged with such a dense tract of homes.
There are plenty of sites in the city limits that could handle or that are made for such density.
We will be going to the city council meeting on the 17th, so that is our chance to voice our concerns. I think that if we can be reasonable and not emotional that we may be able to make some change. It can not be that we have to do what ever the city governments suggests. That doesn't seem very democratic to me.
So, anyway off to the lake for fun and relaxation, I am going to try to keep my mind off this big mess!!


Stacie said...

I love the fact that you have a computer at home now...I like your longer posts!

Ideagirl said...

I'm selfishly glad too -- now you are reachable ALL the time! ::grin::

Sorry about the City Council mess. But a lot of voices can (and should) make a difference. Have you thought about hiring representation too? Sometimes that will be the tipping point...and give you good advice on how to proceed.

xoxox T