Sunday, July 15, 2007


My best friend got married this weekend, I volunteered to make the cake.
So, here in the 100 degee weather I started the cake. I got all the batter poured into the spring form pan and was ready to put in the oven...I picked up the cake and the bottom fell out of the pan. Batter literally everywhere, it was like cleaning up a gallon of spilled glue. Very frustrating, so I finally get it all cleaned up and take a deep breath and start over.

I get the second batch done, pour into the pan and think to myself, I better just check to see if this is tight...I kind of turn the pan and check it, then lift it to put in the oven....and what do you know, the freakin' bottom falls out again. I was freaking out. I was so hot, and had not enough ingredients to start over. I had to take another 1/2 hour and clean up, trying to get the stuff down the drain, make sure it is all off the floors, the counters, the cupboards and everywhere else.

I had to get in the car at 5 o'clock on a Friday and drive to the store during tourist season, which is a nightmare. I could not believe it.

I bought two bottles of wine while I was at the store just two make sure I could get through the next batch!!! But the third cake turned out alright, I made sure the bottom was secured, ( I had the pan upside down the first two times)-Hey, i was hot and trying to get things done for the wedding.

It took quite a while to make the roses and the little fondant balls, but it turned out fine and even made the trek to Hope where the wedding was taking place.

PS You can still sign up for the craft exchange......


Britt-Arnhild said...

Oh, the cake looks great. I can't believe you had to make it three times!!!!!

Stacie said...

It looks just wonderful! I am so sorry about the heat! It was only 80 today in Chattanooga....and we are in the deep south! Go figure!

Tracy said...

Nicely done, after a couple of frustrating disasters!