Tuesday, February 06, 2007


If it is true that we can become anything we want, then why don't we?
We, well most of us, just do what is the easiest and then we spend the rest of the time wishing that we would have followed our dreams. Can we really do what ever we want? Are we the ones that hold ourselves back. Do we really believe that we are not good enough?
Is that why we all have blogs? We are just looking for some type of recognition? We need to be validated by any means by anyone?
Are we shouting, look what I can do, look what I have done, notice me, be my friend?
I love looking through the internet, finding new people, people with the same interests as i have.
I want to divulge some information but not too much.
I just wonder what made all these people start something so personal in an arena that is so public?

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