Saturday, July 05, 2008

On Tuesday night we had a HUGE thunder storm. lightenig and thunder that you would not believe.It was all around our neighborhood. I was on the computer, My dauhgter's laptop, when it began. All at once there was a crazy bolt of lightening that lit up the night and at the exact same time the loudest thunder that I have ever heard. so loud the house shook and i threw the lap top off my lap onto the floor.
I was home alone and i was freaking out!!
The storm went on for hours.

I knew that the lightening must have struck something near by but i could not tell since it was so dark.
anyway, the next day when i was riding my bike home from work, i noticed a weird tree in the field. I got off my bike and walked over to the neighbor's and he showed me the tree in his yard that was literally blown to pieces. SCARY. It was right next door. I went over to touch it and take a piece of the tree home.

I did mess up the computer and that was what was most important to everyone as I was telling the story! I do have some pictures I will download and post so you can see the tree.


Catherine said...

I hate that when the computer breaks. I am looking forward to the pictures.

I lived in Minneapolis for a while and we once had a storm there with thunder and lightning that lasted four hours in the middle of the night. We didn't get much sleep that night.

How are you doing?

stacie said...

I miss the fact that storms are so rare out there...we get that storm freaky light show business all the time out here....sorry about your computer though...

Lynne said...

i'm sorry bout the computer.thunder storms are pretty awesome!

Barb McMahon said...

I'm sorry about the tree. But I'm glad it didn't hit your house!