Friday, December 29, 2006


It's the Weekend. Finally. It is 13 degrees outside today. Very cold and icy.
Good time for books, books and more books. Maybe some photos for more practice and some time in the messiest art room you have ever seen.

E is taking Drivers Ed and I am a total wreck. She is in the 9th grade, she is a baby, she shouldn't be out there on those snowy and icy roads in a car with two other teens who have no idea what they are doing... Whose idea was it to let 14 year olds learn how to drive. Have you ever seen a 14 year old? I think that this is just another way to push me closer to the edge!!

Of course now she is trying to decide which car she will be driving to school this next fall. Ha!
Good Luck getting your mom out of the drivers seat!!

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Robyn said...

Hahaa... I like this post. I remember going through something similar with my baby.