Thursday, May 21, 2009

inspire me thusday-warrior

So, i looked at all the photos i have for this. But, then i thought why not just write something. (cuz, i am a visual person that's why)
I guess i could do one w.out a photo.


Since i have been reading the book mentioned in the last post there have been a million thoughts going through my head. Some good, some not so good. I guess you have to feel it all to make headway-just a little bit hard to look at yourself this way.
I would say that in order to live authentically you have to become a warrior of sorts. There are going to be people blocking you and not accepting your changes. They may like that they can bully you, shame you, or reside with you in the misery. You will have to fight against yourself, which i know is not an easy battle.
If the plan is to move forward, fight the urge to stay the same and understand what you need and how to get it. It will take courage, and you will have to become a champion for your cause, these are the traits of a warrior.
Easy to talk about and hard to do. But, if we can releast that inner warrior the battle should be a little less scary.

ok- so i couldn't not add a picture.


melanie said...

what great musings! so true, and yes not always easy but well worth it. thanks for sharing with us at Inspire Me Thursday!

Lori Forester said...

I love what you have written and totally agree with what you said. I have been through battle myself and have won a few but I'm sure there are more to come. Like the picture too.

tangled stitch said...

Great post and I had a hard time finding a picture too.

Susan Tuttle said...

"I would say that in order to live authentically you have to become a warrior of sorts." -- so true -- perfect!

Beautiful tatoo!:)

Lynne said...

cool post

Christine Stump said...

"or reside with you in the misery."

It seems so counterintuitive that we'd have to fight, to hew to our own center like warriors, in order not be seduced by such lousy invitations, but it's so true. I'm feeling it acutely these days. Thanks for your post, you reflect the truth so beautifully.