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Today's interview is with Tammy at Idea Girl
and Light Crayon

Tammy tell us about yourself

Tall (but realized at my doctor's visit that I'm shrinking - so semi-tall)
Hate Socks.

How long have you been blogging and what made you decide to start a blog?

Well. That's an interesting question. In blogger years I'm 14 months old. In dog years I'm 280.

I'm generally attached to my when I noticed blogs in general I started paying attention. Around the same time my mother took me to a quilting store and I was STUNNED by the colors. I immediately started learning all I could about quilting -- but it took me six months (or more...slow learner) to realize that it wasn't QUILTING that I liked -- God I hate sewing -- if a button falls off my shirt I throw it away (what was I thinking?!) -- it was the color and patterns...from there I evolved into photography -- but not before I did collaging, paper scrapbooking and knitting. It was an evolution. The entire sordid process was documented on the Ideagirl blog. That was the start of it.

Then...I got bored writing about crafts -- I realized I was never going to be one of "those girls" who have perfect crafts...perfect lives...perfect blogs...I realized pretty early on that I was missing an opportunity to really COMPLAIN and WHINE -- something I try not to do too much at home ::laughing:: - so my blog became the place I'd go to really be myself. And it went from there.

I find your blog very entertaining; you have a great sense of humor. I am assuming that comes from your Viking ancestry, what do you think?

Well. Hmmm...yes I'm sure the Vikings were hilarious in between all the pillaging they were doing -- so I'm sure that humor descended directly from that line...or Thor. I can't decide. Well. Yes I can. I choose Thor. And yes, I'm insisting on lumping Thor in with Vikings because it works for me.

Exactly how many blogs do you have?

That's extremely classified information. But...okay for No six. But some I don't write in anymore. Oh crap. I lied. Seven. But one very active and two less active right now. I use blogs to test out ideas -- some work better than others.

You often mention "The SO" in your blog, what exactly or who exactly is "The SO"?

Hahaha. This is not the first time this has come up. The SO is my Significant Other....or Slimy Ox if you prefer that. The man I live with. Not married. Engaged for six years with no plans to really get married.

It took me months to figure that out, so, I thought you should clarify for other readers. (I love you d -- but you are *SO* slow. ::laughing:: Now that's funny!)

You are very candid when you post on your blog, has this ever caused you any trouble?

I'm actually not as candid as I could be -- the really wild stuff goes into my password protected blog. (Which I swore to my mother does not exist.) And...truth be told...I'm very careful not to tie my name to my more candid blogs. When you google my name -- my blog doesn't come up at all -- and that's very deliberate on my part. And my SO doesn't know about the blog either -- which is also deliberate. I just needed somewhere that I could really just write. But I wouldn't be ashamed of anything I've written in any of my posts should he read it someday -- because he was there and he knows and downs. But eventually I decided to put a password on the blog I really was candid in -- so I could control who had access and who didn't. Not because I was worried about scary people, but because I didn't want my mother to read some of the things I wanted to write about. Y'all know how that is, right? ::grin::

So...No. No trouble. I've always been very conscious that my mother read my public blog. So it is definitely censored. And sometimes...I might have a wee bit of a tendency to exaggerate. I'm sure you've never noticed though.

Have you ever had any "unsavory" or "weird" comments left on your blog after a post?

Actually, I have to say no. Maybe one single time -- but I emailed the girl back right away and got into an interesting conversation that turned out to be very cool. I may be open about my own life -- but I don't think I'm controversial -- so no flamers luckily.

Are you still addicted to Craigslist?

Yes. We renovated our entire kitchen from the studs out through Craigslist. The whole project cost under $6,500. I'm proud of that. I love Craigslist. But I am not as crazy about it as I was when I first started...I've refined my process down to a science now. The SO, however, recently discovered it -- and has been buying weird stuff. The good part of that is that he doesn't complain about anything I buy anymore. ::heh::

And what did you ever do with all the Ladies Home Journal and the Home Companion magazines that were acquired through Craiglist? Weren't there hundreds?

I'm going to come over there and poke you for bringing that up! ::laughing:: In my defense -- they were purchased when I was doing a lot of collaging -- remember that? So I was using a lot of magazines and stuff. So...the truth is I have a TON of magazines -- and no idea what to do with them right now. If anyone wants them -- let me know. Pay the shipping and they are yours. ::end of desperate sales pitch::

Your talent as a photographer has really grown since I started to read your blog. Have you always been interested in photography?

Yes. I took photography in college -- and -- wait for it -- hated it. My boyfriend at the time took the pictures I submitted for my final project. I'm not proud of that. Later when I was in my early thirties (yep. I'm old) my interest grew. I bought a killer (at the time) camera and a great lens and it kind of went from there. But the last year has been when I've really been focusing on learning everything I can and growing as an artist and photographer. I love those two words together. Love.

What did it feel like when you got your first real photo "gig"?

Truthfully? I was sick to my stomach with fear. My first solo wedding? Vomitous. Is that a real word? Probably not. It's something you have to go through however. You have to screw up and hate things and have things not work -- that's the only way to learn. I was scared but I did it anyway. And I'm still nervous before every shoot. I just want everyone to have fun and love their images. So far so good. ::knock on wood::

Has photography given you more independence? If so, in what way?

Well -- I've always been extremely independent -- so that hasn't changed much. Photography has made me poorer. ::grin:: All the equipment and software and computer stuff...I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to getting cool stuff! This is my dream profession -- there's always more cool stuff to do, learn, think about and buy!

What photography has given me is ... me. I know that sounds weird, but it's true. I found my voice through my blog and my photographs -- in fact -- it's because of my blog that I started taking more interesting photographs. Isn't that cool? Since I turned 40 it's been very important to me to really figure out who I am and to not be afraid of that or what people will say. I love showing others what I see -- because it turns out that not everyone sees things the way I do -- and that's been really freeing for me. I've gathered a totally hip and cool group of people around me both locally and through blogging. People who like me for ME and who get who I am. I don't think you always get that in your hometown.

So photography has been very powerful for me.

What can we expect from idea girl in 2008????

Well -- I've hooked up with another photographer who is HOT -- and am working with him through the next wedding season -- I'm stoked about that -- already I've got 20 weddings on my calendar! I'm excited to learn and develop that style -- because I LOVE the emotion and vibe of those days. Everyone is beautiful and happy and looking their best! A photography dream! :)

And I've just committed to doing a 52 week self portrait project -- which I will be blogging about. Anyone care to join me?

So...the short term answer is -- I have no idea what to expect in 2008. I'm hoping it will be FANTASTIC -- and that I'll really spread my wings in my new business. I'm still working the kinks out of my website ( so if you're really bored -- stop over and shoot me an email about what you like and don't like...but only if you're really really bored. ::grin::

Thanks Denise, for the inspirations and fun questions! Love you girl!

tammy swales
Light Crayon Photography

live *love *laugh *light

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