Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How old is Robert Plant?

How old is Robert Plant?

On VH1 Fresh Start this morning I watched the video of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. I love them both and this is a great duet and a fun video. But, it got me thinking about the way men have no problem, no matter how old they get, wearing what ever they want and no one makes any remarks. I mean can you see a women in her sixties wearing tight jeans, pointy cowboy boots, total rocker hair and her shirt unbuttoned dancing to a music video? Ok, Tina Turner is the exception.
But Robert Plant looked just as cool as ever. I don’t get it.
I find myself in my forties asking…Can I wear that skirt? Is it too short? Should I cut my hair, is it too young looking? Maybe I should tone down my personality a bit, I am someone’s mother.
I don’t think that Robert Plant, David Bowie, Steven Tyler or Prince ask themselves these questions.
What is the deal???


Jamie said...

I saw him play at Chastain Park in Atlanta summer before last. He rocked as hard as ever. We had great seats compliments of his tour manager. I kept thinking that he was just as good as when I saw him almost 20 years ago in Mannheim, Germany with LZ. Free tickets for that show, as well! Loved every minute of it.

I'll definitely check out the duet. I just read about it recently. Made me go...Hmmmm...that's an odd duo.

I say wear what you want but wear it well. :-)

Jamie said...

And if my sources are correct, he just turned 59 in August. Not bad for an old rocker!

HappyDayArt! said...

Maybe we should stop caring and go for what makes us really happy. For you, if you love your hair long, leave it long (it is gorgeous, btw). What would be the most fun? I think we look better if we are having a blast, regardless of how old we are.

and yeah, I like Robert Plant. I think he is just having fun too!


Bronwyn said...

Yes, exactly, good point! I am going to wear what I want and grow old disgracefully :)

Stacie said...

Wear it long...wear the short skirt if you want...
IF you feel comfortable doing it, then you must do what you want.
I too, love your long hair, though.