Saturday, October 20, 2007


I been absent for some time now. I was having temporary brain malfunctions. I couldn't decide if I should have a blog or not, what was the whole reason behind it, etc... You know the same old questions about self promotion.

Anyway, who cares right? Who cares why people do what they do. Everyone needs something.

I have had a lot to think about lately too, my dad died. He was only 65 years old. It is weird to be an adult and then feel so much like a kid, when it comes to something like this.
There are so many things to do and to think about. What you should have done, what you didn't do, why you didn't do it and of course the most important...Forgiveness.
Without the ability to forgive I believe that you can not move forward. That also includes forgiving yourself.

I have a lot to work on this week and i have to say it is going to be hard.


Catherine said...

Well Denise, I am here rooting for you and always want to know what you think! Take care of yourself.

I think everyone does the best they can.


kirsty said...

I'm here, too. Hugs, Denise. You are a thoughtful person - I'm sure you will find some peace.

Mary Ann said...

Yoo Hoo!!!!!! So delighted to see you BACK.

Ideagirl said...

Oh girlie -- I am so sorry about your dad. Thinking about you and SO GLAD you're back.

You know I missed you, right?

xoxoxo T

Stacie said...

Oh my God! I am so sorry about your Dad...
I too, am VERY glad you are back. Losing a parent is always matter what your age...or even how the relationship was before they died. Sending warm thoughts your way.....

A Fanciful Twist said...


I am so sad for you. Loss is such a terrible feeling. It is overwhelming and heartbreaking. I don't think anything I say will be the right words. There is nothing to say, except, I am so sorry for you loss of your dad, and I embrace you. xxo

Christine said...

Denise - know you were missed. Know we wait on your words, pictures, insights and spirit. Know we cry with you.